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PMP® Certification Training For WomenofPM

ThreeTSystem Inc. has helped over 500 pass the PMP Exam successfully and in a streamlined manner, no fake guarantees, no over promising, no 5 day cramming boot camp.
Our 3T system takes a holistic approach, we go to the core and understand your pain points, our training is customized for busy professionals who have priorities that will not allow them to attend a 5 day boot camp away from work, responsibilities, and family.

What you'll get:

Tier One Classroom. Classroom modules that allow each student to move through the course at their own pace. Although a pace is set out for them, they are by no means beholden to it and have access to the material as needed.

Tier Two – Coaching Calls. These calls gives students in small groups time to speak with a Subject Matter Expert or “Coach” in their certification of choice. These Coaches have years of experience in the certification program they teach and eagerly answer questions and are available for one on one calls and emails

Tier Three – Community. Each student has a community of like-minded students at their fingertips who they can interact with. This community is there for students to talk about ideas, study hints, schedule in person study sessions if they so choose. But, it also reminds students they are not alone and instead have an entire community of students and coaches who are right along side them.

If you have questions please email [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

“The PMP 3T System is a phenomenal, realistic study system to effectively retain material for the PMP exam! The six week system plan is designed to enable busy professionals multiple learning options. The system provides visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical and social learning approach that caters to all learning types. The modules help me stay on track despite my hectic work-life day. The expert coaches are wonderful to work with and really take the time to make sure I have retained the material needed section-by-section, to pass the PMP exam. I’m so glad I chose EZPMTraining as my PMP exam preparation system!”

Hibah Salah

“To all those who are thinking about signing up for the 6 weeks ezpmtraning course, DO IT! I was very hesitant in signing up for the course due to the lack of reviews but after doing the initial call to see what I was trying to accomplish I felt that Mahjooba was very knowledgeable and sincere in getting me to pass the test the first time around. Once I signed up and completed my welcome call I was convinced after 6 weeks I can past the test. The course added a lot of structure and filled in the gap from what I missed reading on my own. We also have 2 coaching calls a week where you can ask questions on anything that you are having problems with. I was on my first call yesterday and she would present the answer to a question many different ways until you understand. There is a lot more that I'm leaving out but I am glad I signed up. If anyone have any questions in particular about the course feel free to message me. I have no problem sharing my experiences so far. Looking forward to getting my certification in 5 weeks👊👊 I love this course!”

Jimmy Guest